The Yin To Your Bathroom's Yang

LooLoo is the World's #1 Automatic Toilet Freshener

The Yin to Your Bathroom's Yang

LooLoo is the World's #1 Essential Oil Automated Toilet Freshener


We live in a world where standards are slipping, where etiquette is no longer second nature.

Loo-Loo automatically freshens your day by eliminating the stress from your bathroom, making the unpleasant go unnoticed.

LooLoo is Hands-Free

Having a toilet spray in your bathroom is a great idea. Touching it isn't.

Conventional toilet sprays get more and more germs on them with each use, and each flush! Keep your hands and home clean and healthy with LooLoo, the automatic HANDS FREE toilet freshener!

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How It Works


When you enter the bathroom, the bowl automatically lights up with one of an assortment of colors, thus eliminating the need to turn on a light at night.


When you take a seat, LooLoo uses heat and motion detection to know just when to spray! If you use the toilet standing up, LooLoo knows not to spray! No waste!


LooLoo sprays a blend of essential oils onto the water, trapping unwanted scents beneath the surface water. Our proprietary essential oil formula also absorbs nitrates, which eliminates odor. 


LooLoo leaves your bathroom smelling fresh, every time! We have worked hard at creating a well-balanced solution that gets the job done but is not too overbearing. LooLoo users love how it smells!

The LooLoo Manifesto

We believe that manners matter, that although thoughtlessness is becoming the norm, it shouldn't be.

It's too easy no to say "excuse me," to get on the elevator before others exit, and to reheat fish in the office microwave. 

So we're here for the door-holders, the "thank you"-sayers, and the hand-washers.

We're here for the people who know that common courtesy isn't dead.

The caring for others, even if you don't know them, should be second nature. 

Because the little things really do matter, and big changes start with the smallest action. 

So let's let standards be standards, and let's make manners automatic.