The only automatic
toilet prep spray.

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How LooLoo Works

You Sit

Using infrared technology, LooLoo detects the heat of the bum and knows to prepare for what is imminent.

It Sprays

LooLoo dispenses essential oils directly onto the surface of the water.

It Traps the Smell

The essential oils form a barrier on the water locking the odors underneath the surface.

You Breathe Easy

All that will be smelt is a bouquet of refreshing citrus. With LooLoo, no matter who goes to the Loo, no one will ever know.

  • Why use a LooLoo?

    You won't have to
    blame the dog.

  • Why use a LooLoo?

    "It leaves me thinking,
    does she or doesn't she?" -Morley

  • Why use a LooLoo?

    "I just committed an atrocity
    in here, but because of LooLoo
    she still loves me."
    - Brandon

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Easy to Setup

Just lift the lid &
place it on the bowl

LooLoo can tell when you sit down, and
automatically sprays.

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Easy to Refill

Twist off the
bottom & switch
it out

Blend of Citrus Essential Oils

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Illuminates your
bowl at night

With nine colors to choose from

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